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Camilo Gallardo IAAP, UKCP is a psychotherapist trained as a Jungian analyst and IFS therapist.



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Camilo has a private psychotherapy and analytical psychology practice in Belsize Park, London NW3. He has also been a training analyst for over 15 years.

Camilo moved to the London with his family in the 70s and was schooled in the UK. As a late teenager, while working in Tokyo, Japan for a year Camilo visited a Zen temple in Kyoto where consequently he had his first glimpse of true Self. 

After returning in 1987, while studying at theatre in London, Camilo also studied the Rubenfeld Synergy approach to healing disease, addiction, family patterns and also healing trauma locked deeply in the body.

In 1989 Camilo moved to Los Angeles to act in film and lived there for 7 years. His work also took him to live for a year Ocho Rios, Jaimaica, a year in NYC for another year and also a year in Santiago, Chile

Beginning in 1990, he lived in the Dharma Zen Centre LA for 2 years and practiced and studied under Zen Master Seung Sahn.

Then in 1994 and again in 1996, Camilo travelled to the Amazonian Jungle of Peru as a translator for chamán Don Agustin Rivas and his unique work with Spirit plant medicine while channeling the vibration of sound to facilitate symbolic death and rebirth for the potential realisation of true Self.

Camilo returned to London in 1996 and while integrating his experiences from the Far East, the US and the Amazon Jungle, he was invited to train as a psychotherapist and jungian analyst in London.

During this decade of study Camilo attended over 10 of Goenka's 10-day silent Vipassanā retreats. This first hand experience of combining intense Jungian psychotherapy with Vipassanā meditation (Mindfulness) became a fundamental psychotherapeutic approach to working with trauma, integration, wholeness, intimacy and creativity.

Camilo is trained as a facilitator in (IoTP) Identity oriented Psychotrauma Therapy, a highly effective tool to work intrapsychically with early trauma, splits and identity issues, using the constellations method in a group setting.

Camilo is now also trained in IFS therapy, Internal Family Systems Therapy L3. IFS is a model that acts as a powerful lense to amplify Jung's psychology.