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IFS does not polarise with an "us versus them" mentality that says, "I'm a healer and you're a victim," or "I'm the trauma expert and you have a trauma history." Essentially we all have been traumatised in some form at some point in our lives, each carry wounds deep within ourselves, and everyone works hard to keep the pain from those experiences at bay. What's more, we're each susceptible to being triggered and to overreacting when our wounds resurface, and we all have what IFS refers to as the "Self" as our core, our essence, our internal compass that possesses inherent wisdom and healing capacity. In IFS it is the Self that heals.

Complex PTSD is a relational violation that disrupts our sense of safety and trust in the world and limits our access to Self - energy.

The goal of IFS is Self- leadership and individuation.


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What is IFS 

Internal Family Systems views multiplicity of mind as our natural state and our “parts” as sub-personalities that may be healed and transformed by bringing the Self into its rightful role as leader of the internal system. The Self, is our true compassionate and loving nature.

When working with an individual, the goal of IFS is to differentiate this Self from the parts, thereby releasing its resources. When the individual is in the state of Self, we can work together to help the parts out of their extreme roles.

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Camilo Gallardo  IAAP, GAP, UKCP

 Psychotherapist trained as a Jungian analyst and IFS therapist 

Twenty five years ago, looking to go deeper and study more, I left being an actor and trained as a Jungian analyst. 

In 2014 I read The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk and it embarked me on more study and training about the effects of psychological trauma, both individually and collectively. In search of a comprehensive treatment modality I looked deeper into Internal Family Systems Therapy and, after trying it for myself, and using it with many individuals, am sure it is the most powerful treatment modality for trauma available. 

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How IFS works

If I take a moment to “go inside,” as I would be invited to do at the beginning of an IFS session, what would I find? I would find the same stream of thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, anxieties, desires, beliefs, and preoccupations that I would encounter in any type of mindfulness practice.

Within the IFS model, however, I approach the thought or feeling as a communication to me from some part of myself that is asking for my attention, not just as a momentary event that arises and passes away.

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"And there’s Camilo Gallardo, who is a rock and a magician. Who sat with me, hour after hour, year after year, through the highs and the lows, through the confusion, the nightmares, and the eventual clarity; and who was especially there for me when I dove head first into the inferno. He is my Virgil, my fearless companion. Who told me these words by C.G. Jung: “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” Thank you, my friend. I wouldn’t be here without you."  

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The psyche is not an indivisible unity but a divisible and more or less divided whole. Although the separate parts are connected with one another, they are relatively independent, so much so that certain parts of the psyche never become associated with the ego at all, or only very rarely.

CW, Volume 8, “The Psychological Foundation of the Belief in Spirits”, par 582


 By day no light is needed, and if you don't know it is night you won't light one, nor will any light be lit for you unless you have suffered the horror of darkness. ~ C.G.Jung, CW 9i, Para 595


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Rates for Psychotherapy 

Online: £150

The online method of payment accepted is PayPal.

Transactions must be completed prior to the beginning of each online session.



Articles,  books, and websites on themes related to IFS

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"Camilo, I did however want to share that my therapeutic experience of IFS/your presence, holding and creativity was massively positive. The process bypassed the mind and cut to the core of authentic unconscious processes. Furthermore, it did not leave me there ‘high and dry’ to make an intellectual evaluation of it all. Quite the opposite, your unconditional holding, trust and wise guidance navigated the reconnection process, which was and continues to be, hugely healing."

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